Air Conditioning or HVAC as it is better known, is must to have utility in commercial as well as industrial building today and is a major power guzzler as well. As per a report from BEE, in a typical commercial building, more than 50% power is consume


ACT for Sustainable tomorrow

Arkà, which means God Sun in Sanskrit, is source of light, energy and life on the face of Earth. It has help life to conceive and grow sustainably for thousands of years and will continue to do so for many more generations to come.

On other hand Gods favorite child Man came out of most sustainable lively hood from caves to most energy guzzling dwellings and fuel consuming factories. This puts up pressure on the energy infrastructure of mother earth and higher dependency on fossil fuels.

The depleting sources of fossil fuels has tumbled economical as well as ecological balance of this beautiful planet. The Low Carbon Economy is slowly taking over and will help survive the mankind for few years more.

Arkà Clean Technologies combines modern and innovative technologies for saving substantial energy in industrial as well as building sector with potential to save GW of power and reduce Millions of Tons of Carbon Emission in coming times.

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