Low Power Consumption hybrid air conditioner

Air Conditioning or HVAC as it is better known, is must to have utility in commercial as well as industrial building today and is a major power guzzler as well. As per a report from BEE, in a typical commercial building, more than 50% power is consume for HVAC alone. The chemicals used as refrigerants are also major cause of Ozone layer depletion and thus these systems are major culprit for increasing carbon foot print of buildings.

Arka Clean Technologies is happy to introduce few unique and innovative solutions which are sustainable alternative to present day air conditioning systems with committed power saving up to 50%

Low Energy Air Conditioner Products

Arka Two Stage IDEC

Arka Two stage IDEC systems are potential replacement to conventional air washer and air cooler systems with up to 40% savings in power as well as water consumptions. Designed around Air to air heat exchanger for pre cooling the air these systems at their best can offer cooling at as low as 300 W/ Ton which is most energy efficient air conditioner alternative. Read More ➨

Arka Two Stage TFA

Fresh air cooling is one of the largest power guzzling utility across HVAC installations. More so tropical climatic conditions as air has higher sensible load and higher moisture levels. Conventional TFA coils use three times more chilled water to cool the fresh air before it is pumped in the space.

Arka Two Stage TFA deploys unique “ Divide and Rule” philosophy while cooling the fresh air. These Two Stage TFA combines unique air to air heat exchanger which sensibly cools the air while HVAC coil does only dehumidification resulting which reduces load on the Chiller leading to substantial energy savings. Read More ➨

Arka Two Stage AHU

In conventional HVAC set up , Air Handling Units are like dump terminals in computer networks where no local resource or intelligence is available. The AHU can offer comfortable conditions in a building as long as it receives chilled water from the chiller. The conventional AHU are also most inefficient end terminals in the entire HVAC network.

Arka Two Stage AHU are potential energy saving replacements for the conventional AHU which reduces demand for chilled water reducing load on chiller substantially. The Two Stage AHU are take benefit of the hybrid technology that pre cools the air at lowest possible power penalty. Read More ➨

Arka Two Stage AC

Arka Two Stage AC is game changing product line from the energy efficient air conditioning portfolio which will be first of its kind Hybrid Air Conditioners in Indian market build with air to air heat recovery with R718 refrigerant.

The distinctive advantages of Arka Two Stage AC includes lowest power consumption in category, Low power consumption air conditioner alternative against conventional technology, fresh air integration for better IAQ and guaranteed ROI Read More ➨