Solar Water Pumps

solar water pump supplier in Pune, Maharashtra India

Solar water pumps are high efficiency water pumps specifically designed to run from solar panels. Coupled with a suitable pumping maximiser or controller, they continue to pump in low light conditions such as cloud cover, early morning and late afternoons.

The most common variety of solar pumps are submersible bore pumps which, as the name suggests, are generally used for bore pumping applications where water is pumped from depths of up to 230m below ground level.

Due to their ability to lift water to great heights, these submersible pumps are also suitable for water transfer applications such as dam to storage tank, storage tank to header tank, stock watering, etc.

Our experienced team design, supply and install solar water pump systems in Pune-Maharashtra for a wide variety of applications including domestic water supplies, water transfer, irrigation, livestock watering, swimming pools and industrial pumping applications.

Our solar pumping systems do not need refuelling, do not need mains power and require minimal maintenance.

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